Stockpiling For Sustainable Raw Material Supply and Tailored for Future Growth

By adhering to the highest quality possible and performing a strict raw material quality control from the initial stage of production, we have always been able to offer customers a consistent product quality.

As all mineral compounds originate from the earth, we are constantly prospecting, optimizing our portfolio of material deposits from selected quarry, acquiring new resources and managing the raw material in well-maintained stockpile to assure a constant quality supply to our customers.

PKBI would be unable to develop and adapt to the many change facing it without the quality and commitment of its employees. The team, made up of men and women from every profession and every backgrounds, is united by the spirit of the enterprise : pursuing excellence for sustainable growth.


The PKBI Management Head is Applying a Profitable and Sustainable Growth Strategy

To achieve that objective, the management implement its controlling function in all it activities and ensure that it has the resources required to manage risks, organize the proper management in accordance with the corporation’s principles and strategy. This way, it helps protect the company’s value for its shareholders, employees and customer.

Beside functioning as internal support, the management also performs at the service of its customer through its technical sales support for product consultation and troubleshooting, and technology & engineering support for developing new process and production design. Those are achieved by applying a sound mineral industry know how management.